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Our Story


Seven generations ago, our family laid roots in Middlebury, Vermont. The fabric of our upbringing was stitched by generational traditions and the natural abundance of living in this state.  


In fact, as young ones, we would trot behind our dad on his weekly trips to the local farm. Everything was fresh and beautiful: milk, honey, eggs, maple syrup. With these wonderful raw ingredients, we’d watch our parents brew skin and hair remedies, like mom’s homemade winter hydrating masks and hair treatments. 


We’ve spent our lives benefiting from trusting nature’s remedies, which is why organic ingredients, family traditions, and honesty are the staples of Vermont Skincare Company.


We wanted others to experience the skin repair, renewal, and nourishment that come with using products free from synthetics, harsh chemicals, or dangerous preservatives. After a decade of research and deep cruelty-free testing, we wielded an inspiring line of purposefully prepared skincare solutions using only truthful, EWG VERIFIEDingredients. 


Each of our solutions is labeled with a number. This number tells you how many ingredients power each product. We do this so you see how little you need to truly heal and protect your skin by tapping the magic and science of nature. May this knowledge empower your skincare choices. 


Welcome to the beginning of your healthiest skin ever!

Kristi & Kasey

Sisters & Founders of Vermont Skincare Company

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