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  • 🍁 Where Can I Buy These Products?
    We are currently only selling on this website. Stay tuned for retail locations in the future!
  • 🍁 What is EWG Verified?
    EWG = Environmental Working Group. We had 2 choices to make during our earliest days as a company; it boiled down to having our products USDA Organic, or EWG Verified. Our mission is in producing skincare without smoke and mirrors. We are consumers as well, and wanted to be able to provide our customers with complete transparency. We could write a book on the differences but the one that stood out to us the most was that USDA Organic allows up to 30% synthetic ingredients. The EWG Verified program raises the bar to higher standards. Their values are aligned with those of the EU where over 1400 personal care ingredients are banned. We are proud to shout from the mountains that ALL of our products are EWG Verified! Click the image below to see how we rank with EWG:
  • 🍁 I bought this in error, can I return it for a refund?
    We cannot accept a return for this reason, as we cannot resell it. Please refer to our Return Policy HERE.
  • 🍁 I am allergic to fragrance, which products do you recommend?
    We do not use the toxic ingredient known as "fragrance", as this can legally act as a label for hundreds of synthetic ingredients used to make products smell "better". Our products get their aromas from the all natural ingredients, including essential oils. If your are sensitive to essential oils, we also offer essential oil free products; Serum 3 and Moisturizer 5.
  • 🍁 I bought a complete care kit, do you offer preferred directions on what order to follow?
    We do! Click HERE for more detailed directions on how to use the products.
  • 🍁 Which VSC products will work best for me?
    Each product produced by VSC is designed to work with all skin types. We believe everyone's skin is sensitive and vulnerable. Our Collection of skincare includes choices for those with ultra and hyper sensitive skin as well as our line for sensitive skin. We trust that you’re the boss of your skin, and we are here to help you navigate to a routine that works for you. Feel free to email us with any more questions you may have, and we are happy to help you!
  • 🍁 What order is best to use your products?
    We have a basic go-to idea about that. Ultimately, we encourage you to be the boss of your own skin, as you will know what works best at the end of the day. Our Go-to is: Cleanse, balance PH with either toner or hydrosol, hydrate with serum, eye cream, and finish with a moisturizer. Some of our clients have shared that they will moisturize in the morning and apply their serum before bed. With so many ways to make your skin happy, we encourage you to be present and take note of the feel, texture, and smell, and how each product feels right after applying. You'll get there!
  • 🍁 What is the shelf life of your organic products?
    All of our products will last 12 months if stored in a cool dark space, and out of direct sunlight. Take special care to not introduce water into your products, as bacteria can potentially take over and spoil your products.
  • 🍁 Why does my skin feel oily after using the moisturizer?
    Chances are this moisturizer is unlike any product you have used in the past, and it is a common mistake to use too much. Our nutrient dense moisturizers do not contain water, or water based ingredients, making our it thicker and less runny. If you are new to using 100% organic skincare, we recommend starting with towel dried skin and using a small dime size amount to start with. Follow with more dime sized amounts as needed. Our favorite aspect to our skincare is knowing just how far a little bit can go. Another notable truth about our organic skincare is that the absorption rate is slower than skincare loaded with synthetics and alcohols that have a faster absorption rate. Our moisturizers are so effective that clients have shared because of the long lasting benefits, they only need to moisturize every other day. We were a little “jelly” to hear that, as some of us need it twice a day!
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