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Oil dripping from a leaf into an empty bottle of organic moisturizer.

Vermont Skincare Company Presents:


Our driving mission is to help you navigate your skincare needs and provide the healthiest choices available to help you repair, nourish, and protect your skin.

We worked diligently to get every product we make EWG VERIFIED by The Environmental Working Group. Their standards to raise the bar in the skincare industry meet our standards eye to eye.

We believe in full transparency.
Our 100% organic ingredients are all sourced as close to their natural state as possible from either a plant, or tree. They are all raw and unrefined. We carefully handcraft every small batch to perfection, ensuring you get the right amount of every purposeful ingredient.

We are unlike any skincare product you have bought in the past. We do not dilute our products with water, or use preservatives. We do not use ingredients that dry or age your skin, like alcohols. We do not use commercial machinery and add emulsifiers to thicken, or smooth our lotions. Our products are so nutrient dense, it will take time to adjust to using small quantities at a time, allowing your products to last much longer.
Make the change and your skin will love you back!

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