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I've been using VSC M6 and S5 for months and I love it! I feel like my skin is bulletproof! I usually have a little bit of dry skin in the winter (especially being in Vermont) but not this year, it's even glowing. 

I can use just a little bit to get major results. S5 smells divine and blends into my skin like silk. The M6 seals in moisture and keeps out the dirt and grime of everyday.

I have been looking for an organic product with ingredients that I can trust. The stamp of approval from the EWG makes it even more legit in my mind. I highly recommend Vermont Skincare Products.

Stephen M.

...The toner is officially my new after shave and I even explored the M6 to help nourish my tired skin and I'm hooked. My hands feel 10 years younger and my face and neck show incredible improvement.

Amy Q.

...It was not long after I started

with these products that I could see a visible change in my skin.

I now panic as soon as I start to run low on my supplies, it really makes

my skin feel replenished.

Thanks for finally coming up with a skincare line that I can believe in.

I'm looking forward to seeing the line increase to other fabulous products.

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