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Bottle of herbal oil and lavender flowers on a wooden table.


Discover Earth's treasures

Some reasons why we LOVE our Ingredients:

Aloe Vera
 Antiviral/Antibacterial/Antioxidant/Vitamin A/Vitamin B/Vitamin C/Vitamin E/Beta Carotene
Argan Oil
 Anti-oxidant/Anti-aging/Anti-sebum/Inhibits growth of malignant cells 

Castor Oil
 Anti-hepatoxic/Anti-bacterial/Vitamin E/Proteins/Minerals/Aids hyperpigmentation

Coconut Oil
Copaiba Essential Oil
 Anti-inflammatory/Antibacterial/Anti-Cancer/Anti-irritant/Emollient/Astringent/Boosts Collagen/Firms ski/ Improves Circulation

Frankincense Essential Oil

Helichrysum Essential Oil
 Antibiotic/Anti fungal/Antioxidant/Anti inflammatory

Jojoba Oil
 Vitamin B complex/Vitamin E/Minerals [silicon, chromium, copper, zinc]
/Essential Fatty acids/Iodine
Lavender Essential Oil

Meadowfoam Seed Oil
 Anti-oxidant/Vitamin E/Moisturizing

Melaluca Essential Oil (Tea tree)
 Anti-inflammatory/Anti-bacterial/Regulates Oil production

Rosehip Oil
 Vitamin A/Vitamin B carotene/Vitamin C/Vitamin D Vitamin E/Essential Fatty Acids

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil
 Anti-Oxidant/Anti-bacterial/Anti-inflammatory/Vitamin A/Vitamin C/Fatty Acids
/Tones/Brightens/Improves damaged skin from Sunburn/rashes/cuts/eczema/psoriasis
Shea Butter Vitamin A/Vitamin E/Fatty Acids/Triterpene Esters/Phytosterols to protect from environmental damage.

Strawberry Seed Oil  Vitamin A/Vitamin B/Vitamin E/Minerals Fatty Acids/Anti Oxidant

Sweet Almond Oil
 Anti-inflammatory/Anti-oxidant/Emollient/Sclerosant (Boosts circulation
T-50 Vitamin E Oil
 Purest form of Vitamin E/Anti-oxidant/Anti-bacterial 

Willow Bark Extract
 Natural preservative/Antibacterial/Antifungal/Exfoliant

Witch Hazel
 Anti-bacterial/Astringent/Balances ph/Minimizes pores/Aids absorption of products

Ylang Ylang
 Controls oil Production/Prevents breakouts/Smooths fine lines/Improves elasticity

Terms Explained:

Anti-Oxidant: Contain properties that protect skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells and reduce the signs of aging.

Anti-bacterial: Contain properties that eliminates bacteria that can lead to acne, black heads, white heads, or other skin infections.

Anti-inflammatory: Contain properties that will calm inflamed and irritated skin by hydrating, moisturizing, and reducing redness.

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