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Save up to 20%

Get stocked up on your favorite organic moisturizers for the sunny days ahead!

Line of EWG verified, organic skin care products, such as organic moisturizers, facial cleaners, and serums,Vermont Skincare Company.


Excellent skincare starts with the quality and quantity of ingredients. We will cultivate your knowledge to empower your skincare choices.

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Experience luxurious relief from dry, sensitive, or stressed skin with our shea butter based moisturizers.

Ingredients With Integrity

Our products contain an intentional number of ingredients that matches the number you will see on the front of each product. Transparency is as important to us as curating nutrient-rich, long-lasting, concentrated formulas. We can’t wait for you to experience the difference. 

Truly Clean Skincare

Our Products are all
EWG Verified™

We will only use purposeful EWG VERIFIED™ ingredients.

Sourced only from plants and trees, for the most effective clean skincare available.

Free from water, preservatives, synthetics, toxins, or harsh chemicals.


James, R.

The changes in my skin are undeniable, and my razor burns are a thing of the past. This stuff is amazing!

Jule, E.

After using Mary Kay and Lancôme products most of my life, I simply cannot believe the difference! I love using the rollers and am so grateful to have discovered a product line that is transforming my skin. Thank you Vermont Skincare Company!" 

Emma, D.

I have slowly made the change to all VSC products. Once I learned more about the ingredients, I couldn't get enough of them!

Discover Your Best Skin


Roll On 

Step up your Routine & Dermaroll

Our Self Care Kits come with dermarollers. This essential tool helps your skin deeply absorb our nutrient-dense skincare solutions. 

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Your Skin 
Comes First!

We wield nature’s gifts to formulate an EWG VERIFIED™ essential skincare line purposefully prepared to nourish your skin.

Created out of necessity, our skincare has everyone in mind. 

Make the change to all Organic Skincare, and your largest organ will show it's gratitude with a healthy glow that will light up the room!

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