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Derma-rolling 101 (AKA micro-needling)

This skincare kit can offer you the change you have been looking for. Every product has only the essential effective ingredients, all 100% organic. No water. No preservatives. Just what is needed to repair, nourish, and promote more youthful and healthier skin.


Derma-rolling, also known as Micro-needling, affects the second layer of skin, the dermis. This is where collagen is present. Collagen is a protein that breaks down over time. When this happens, wrinkles appear. Micro-needling promotes the collagen to rebuild itself. Essentially, the micro-needles (or derma-roller) creates mild trauma to this layer of skin where the collagen is present. The body's response to the needles, is to rebuild itself. With consistent use, the collagen can rebuild itself resulting in much tighter and firmer skin. The results are, decreased lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, faded scar tissue caused by acne, visibly firmer skin and and smoother texture. The key to obtaining the best results, are in the products you use when micro-needling. There are a few important things to learn about derma-rolling before you begin. The topics we explore here are: Safety and care for your roller, Techniques, and Products specifically designed to organically benefit the skin along with micro-needling. Safety and care for your roller: Micro-needling has been around for a long time. There are several areas of skincare that can be addressed using this technique. Micro-needles come in many lengths for specific uses. Vermont Skincare company offers just two sizes. The short roller (.25 mm) to be used on a daily or every other day basis, and the longer one (.50 mm), to be used once a week. We do not recommend rolling on open sores, sunburned skin, active acne, rosacea, or any other area of skin that needs or is receiving medical attention. Before and after you use your roller, it needs to be disinfected with rubbing alcohol. This is imperative. We cannot stress this enough. Keeping your roller clean before and after each use, insures your safety from bacterial growth. Simply spray your roller with A1 from your skincare kit. Never share your roller. Rollers can last between 6-10 months if you use regularly. Techniques: Micro-needling is pretty painless when you’re using the .25 roller or the .50 Any length greater then these two sizes are not recommended for personal use. Needles that are .75 mm and longer will cause the skin to bleed. Professionals who use these size needles are trained to keep you safe while you get treatments. The .25 mm roller will only affect the top layer of skin (the epidermis). The benefit of micro-needling your skin will allow for deeper penetration of your products and the results are quite stunning. One of the first things our testers noted, was their complexion and skin tone changed within the first week. The .50 mm roller affects the skin below the layer of epidermis into the dermis and will stimulate the collagen to start rebuilding its self. For beginners you may want to use this length twice a month and slowly increase usage no more then once a week. Our testers noted this tightening effect that came between the first 2-3 months. The testers that kept a schedule and vigilantly used the products, reported changes in their skin that they had hoped for. Wrinkles decreased dramatically for some of our testers after 6-12 months of use along with sun and age spots disappeared all together. Other testers reported a dramatic decrease in appearance in wrinkles and loved the changes in their over all complexion. The beauty of using micro-needling in your skincare, is that the effects are permanent. It will not however, stop the aging process. You can expect your dedication to derma-rolling to last for years to come and although each person's skin has its own unique needs, over time the amount of time you spend with the longer micro-needles will decrease. We’ve noted, that each of our testers had different goals for themselves. The main goal of our company isn’t to promote "Anti" anything. We agree, here at VSC, that age brings about wisdom and true beauty. If we practice self care and devote a small amount of time to our skincare habits, using products we trust, then we will find ourselves with our best skin. Lets talk about rolling! The technique in using your roller on your face and body for beginners, may seem awkward at first. The roller is similar in size to a razor. It's best to practice rolling the same way, each time. We like to teach people to start at the hair line on the forehead. Imagine a grid covering your entire face, neck, and collarbone area. Each square of this imagined grid, would be about an inch to two inches square. Start in the corner of your upper forehead and place the roller gently to your skin. Beginners may feel nervous about this, but reassured, it really isn’t painful. Unless of course, you have super sensitive skin. To date, we have not had a tester reject the efforts of rolling. Once you establish which corner of your skin you wish to roll, gently apply pressure as you would using a razor for shaving. Gently roll the skin back and forth in one area. Do this 5 times in an up and down motion. Then turn the roller sideways and repeat left to right. Proceed to the next area. Continue with this grid like process and be sure to over lap the skin you previously rolled over until you have finished your face. When working around your eyes beside to stay on the bone area and away from your eyes. We do not recommend rolling your eye lids or below your eye brows. Feel free to roll over your eye brows and around the out side of your eyes. Again, never too close to the eyes and never roll on your eye lids. Once you’ve completed rolling the skin on the face proceed to your neck using the same grid pattern to insure coverage. After that, you can roll your upper chest area using the grid pattern. Once you have finished rolling, your skin may become pink as the oxygen under the third layer of skin will have been stimulated. This is a great time to put a warm wash cloth over your skin before you proceed with your products. Clean your roller before proceeding to the next step and place back into its holding container. Last topic: Products specifically designed to benefit the skin along with micro-needling: When you apply products to freshly micro-needled skin, you are allowing your products to dive deeper into to your skin then you can with basic exfoliating. When you apply product over skin that has been micro-needled with a .50 mm roller you are delivering the product into the second layer of skin. This is where the magic happens. We can positively affect our skin. With the right combination of ingredients, we can encourage and expect cells to turn over and increase in longevity. Elasticity can increase. Elasticity means that the skins ability to stretch and absorb hydration increases. When elastin increases, the skin become firmer and tighter.

Castor oil is one of the basic ingredients we love to use on our skin and in our products at Vermont Skincare Company. Castor oil's affects on the skin are impressive. Especially when it’s properly blended with supporting oils and essential oils. The benefits are numerous. Castor oil has been used for a very long time throughout history, for many various aliments within the body and used topically on the skin. Not all castor oil is created equal, however. When we use it on the skin, it needs to be Organic, cold pressed, unrefined, and hex-on free. If we deliver ingredients deep into our skin, using micro needing, we expose the very essence of our cells to encourage regrowth, and cell rejuvenation. Cell rejuvenation is a lengthy topic. In short, when we encourage cell rejuvenation with healthy and clean ingredients, we serve them. When cells rejuvenate they can come back stronger than they were previously. Thus creating a new and fresh base to its very structure. Skin cells thrive on nutrient rich products made with organic ingredients. The order in which you apply your products is essential to creating change within the skin. The visible changes that we enjoy are also enjoyed by the skin. Skin being the largest organ of the human body has functions that can be supported through using safe and organic products. None of the products we create at Vermont Skincare Company contain water, allowing us to avoid synthetic and harsh preservatives. We feel it is best to provide you with a proper education of skincare so that you can know and understand why and how to care for your skin in the best possible way. After you use the roller on your skin and before you apply products, you should place a warm wash cloth over the freshly rolled skin. Allow your skin a few minutes to absorb the water then pat dry using a dry face towel. Apply your products in order, depending on which regime you’ve chosen to treat your skin with. Our goal, and our basic mission in skincare, has always been dedicated to the study of using effective ingredients to create positive change and to support healthy skin. The idea of using a long list of ingredients never felt right or best for our goal. Once we learned about the long list of benefits that could come from a short list of ingredient that are organically and ethically sourced, we began a two year testing trial of combinations. The list of products we now offer comes from years of study, testing and personally using on our families, friends and ourselves. There is no need to allow ingredients produced in a lab to be used in our skincare line to achieve our skincare goals. We did our homework and created a base line list of ingredients for you to study and learn from. We hope that you will be inspired to discover the incredible benefits of using our products and gain the knowledge we have gained by reading about each one in the products you use. Our efforts in continuing to expand our selection will continue to grow as we expand in our skincare business. We are excited to be a part of this changing world and becoming a trusted resource in skincare. Your feedback is always welcome. If you have any questions for us about our products, please feel free to give us a shout! K&K


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